Hey there! Let’s talk about sound in a way that’s easy to understand.

Imagine you’re clapping your hands. You hear that “clap” noise, right? Well, that’s sound! Sound is what we hear when things make vibrations in the air.

Now, think about a drum. When you hit it, the drumhead vibrates and makes a sound. The same thing happens when you pluck a guitar string or blow air through a flute.

Now, sound travels in waves through the air, kind of like ripples in a pond when you throw a stone in it. These sound waves travel from where the sound is made to your ears, and that’s how you hear it!

We measure sound using a unit called decibels, often abbreviated as “dB.” It’s like having a special ruler for sound!

The louder the sound, the more decibels it has. So, when you’re at a rock concert, the music might be really loud, like 100 decibels! But when you’re in a quiet room, it might be only around 40 decibels.

So, sound is the noise we hear when things vibrate, and we measure it using decibels, like a special ruler just for sound! Cool, right?

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