Experiment: Making Sound with Vibrating Objects

Materials Needed:

  1. Rubber bands
  2. Shoebox or similar container
  3. Wooden skewer or pencil
  4. Scissors (if needed)


  1. Prepare the Shoebox Guitar:
    • Stretch several rubber bands of different thicknesses and lengths around the shoebox. Ensure that the rubber bands are tightly secured.
    • You can use rubber bands of varying sizes to create different pitches.
  2. Plucking the Rubber Bands:
    • Pluck each rubber band individually and observe the sound it produces.
    • Notice how the pitch and volume of the sound vary depending on the thickness and tension of the rubber band.
  3. Exploring Sound Waves:
    • Discuss with the kids how sound is produced when the rubber band vibrates.
    • Explain that sound waves are created by vibrations and travel through the air to our ears, allowing us to hear sound.
  4. Experiment with Pitch:
    • Have the kids adjust the tension of the rubber bands by stretching them tighter or looser.
    • Ask them to observe how changing the tension affects the pitch of the sound produced.
  5. Record Observations:
    • Encourage the kids to record their observations about the different sounds produced by the rubber bands.
    • They can describe the pitch (high or low), volume (loud or soft), and any other characteristics of the sound.
  6. Optional Extensions:
    • Encourage the kids to decorate their shoebox guitars with markers or stickers to make them more visually appealing.
    • Explore other objects that can produce sound when vibrated, such as glasses filled with water or metal spoons.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Kids will learn that sound is produced by vibrations.
  • They will understand that changing the tension or size of an object affects the pitch and volume of the sound produced.
  • This experiment introduces kids to the concept of sound waves in a fun and interactive way.

Encourage kids to explore and experiment with different materials to create their own musical instruments and continue their exploration of sound waves.

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