• What They Are: Imagine electrons as tiny, speedy, and happy runners that zoom around the nucleus of an atom.
  • Where They Are: These runners (electrons) are like a buzzing cloud around the center of the atom.
  • Their Job: Electrons are like the outer team, and they love to play and share their energy with other atoms.


  • What They Are: Protons are the friendly giants in the center of the atom, huddled together in a special area called the nucleus.
  • Where They Are: Picture the nucleus as a cozy group hug of protons at the very heart of the atom.
  • Their Job: Protons are like the leaders. They decide what type of atom it is and help hold the atom together.


  • What They Are: Neutrons are the easygoing pals that also hang out in the nucleus with protons.
  • Where They Are: Neutrons are right there in the group hug with protons, making the nucleus a crowded but happy place.
  • Their Job: Neutrons are like the peacekeepers. They help keep protons from getting too pushy with each other.

Putting it All Together:

  • Imagine an atom like a tiny solar system. In the center (nucleus), you have big, friendly protons and neutrons holding hands. Zooming around them are the energetic and playful electrons, always in motion.
  • Different types of atoms have different numbers of protons. If an atom has one proton, it’s a hydrogen atom; if it has 79 protons, it’s gold!
  • Sometimes, atoms share or trade electrons to become even happier and create new things like water, air, and everything you see around you!

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