1. LED Dice:

  • Objective: Create a digital dice that displays a random number of dots (LEDs) when shaken.
  • Components: Arduino board, accelerometer module, LEDs.

2. Temperature and Humidity Monitor:

  • Objective: Build a device that monitors and displays real-time temperature and humidity.
  • Components: Arduino board, temperature and humidity sensor (DHT11 or DHT22), LCD display.

3. Smart Plant Watering System:

  • Objective: Design a system that automatically waters plants based on soil moisture levels.
  • Components: Arduino board, soil moisture sensor, water pump, tubing.

4. Ultrasonic Parking Sensor:

  • Objective: Create a parking sensor that alerts when a car is too close to an obstacle.
  • Components: Arduino board, ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, LED.

5. Digital Thermometer with Alarm:

  • Objective: Build a digital thermometer that sounds an alarm if the temperature goes above or below a certain range.
  • Components: Arduino board, temperature sensor, buzzer, LED.

6. Light Following Robot:

  • Objective: Construct a small robot that follows a light source using light sensors.
  • Components: Arduino board, light sensors, motors, wheels.

7. Bluetooth-Controlled Car:

  • Objective: Develop a car that can be controlled via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app.
  • Components: Arduino board, Bluetooth module, motor driver, chassis.

8. Home Automation System:

  • Objective: Build a simple home automation system that controls lights or appliances using a smartphone app.
  • Components: Arduino board, relay modules, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module.

9. Weather Station:

  • Objective: Create a weather station that measures temperature, humidity, and displays the data on an LCD screen.
  • Components: Arduino board, sensors (temperature, humidity), LCD display.

10. Morse Code Generator:

  • Objective: Design a device that translates text into Morse code and flashes it using an LED or a sound buzzer.
  • Components: Arduino board, LED, buzzer.

These projects cover a range of topics, from basic electronics to sensor integration and wireless communication. Depending on the age and skill level of the students, you can adjust the complexity of the projects. Encourage creativity and problem-solving as they work on these Arduino-based projects.

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