Example: The Thunder and Lightning Show

Imagine you’re watching a show called “The Thunder and Lightning Show” in the sky during a storm.

  1. Lightning (Light):
    • Speed: Lightning is like a superhero that travels really, really fast. It’s super speedy, just like a flash of light!
    • Demonstration: When you see a flash of lightning, it happens almost instantly. That’s because light travels incredibly fast. You see it right away!
  2. Thunder (Sound):
    • Speed: Thunder, on the other hand, is like a friendly turtle. It’s not slow, but it’s definitely not as fast as lightning.
    • Demonstration: After you see the lightning, you have to wait for the sound of thunder. It takes a bit of time to reach you because sound isn’t as quick as light. So, you might count “one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi” until you hear the thunder.


  • Lightning and thunder happen at the same time during a storm, but you see the lightning before you hear the thunder.
  • Light travels much faster than sound, so you see the light (lightning) almost instantly, but it takes a bit of time for the sound (thunder) to reach your ears.

This analogy helps kids understand that light is like a speedy superhero, while sound is more like a friendly turtle – they both play a part in the thunderstorm, but they move at different speeds.

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