• Just like a water tank stores and provides water for various uses, a battery stores and provides electrical energy for devices.
  • A battery contains chemical energy stored inside it, similar to how water is stored in a water tank.
  • When connected to a device, a battery releases electrical energy, which powers the device’s functions, much like how water from a tank is released to flow through pipes and perform tasks like watering plants or filling a container.

Key Points:

  • Storage: Like a water tank, a battery stores energy until it’s needed.
  • Release: When a device is connected to a battery, it draws electrical energy from the battery to operate.
  • Finite Supply: Just as a water tank has a finite amount of water, a battery has a limited capacity to supply electrical energy. Once the energy is depleted, the battery needs to be recharged or replaced.


  • You can ask kids to think about different devices that use batteries, such as flashlights, toys, or remote controls. Explain how the batteries in these devices provide the necessary electrical energy to make them work, much like how a water tank provides water for various household tasks.

Using analogies like the water tank helps children relate new concepts to familiar objects or experiences, making it easier for them to understand the function and purpose of a battery.

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