Explaining percentages to kids

Explaining percentages to kids can be done in a simple and relatable way. Here’s a kid-friendly explanation:

Imagine you have a pizza, and you want to share it with your friends. The pizza is divided into slices, and each slice represents a part of the whole pizza.

Now, let’s say you want to give one slice to each of your friends. If you have 8 slices in total and you give 1 slice to each friend, you’re giving away 1 out of every 8 slices.

Percentage is a way of expressing how much of something you have compared to the whole thing. It’s like saying how much pizza you’re giving away as a part of the whole pizza.

In simple terms, percentage helps us understand how much of something we have or are giving away compared to the whole. Whether it’s sharing pizza slices, scoring points in a game, or saving money in a piggy bank, percentages help us understand and compare different parts of a whole.

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