Once upon a time, in a small village in England, there lived a curious boy named Isaac Newton. Isaac was always asking questions and wondering how things worked. He loved to explore the world around him, even as a child.

One day, while sitting under an apple tree, Isaac saw an apple fall to the ground. Instead of just ignoring it, like most people would, Isaac wondered why the apple fell straight down to the ground, and why it didn’t go sideways or upwards. This simple observation led him to think deeply about the force that pulled the apple towards the Earth.

After years of thinking and studying, Isaac Newton came up with a brilliant idea – the theory of gravity. He realized that there was a force called gravity that pulls everything towards the Earth. This discovery changed the way people understood the world forever!

But Newton didn’t stop there. He also discovered many other important things, like the three laws of motion. These laws explained how objects move and interact with each other. His discoveries laid the foundation for modern physics and engineering.

What’s most inspiring about Newton is that he never gave up on his curiosity. He kept asking questions and searching for answers, even when things seemed difficult. And because of his determination, he made incredible discoveries that still impact our lives today.

So, whenever you see an apple fall from a tree, remember Isaac Newton and his curiosity. Who knows, maybe you’ll make your own amazing discoveries one day, just like he did!

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