Science Projects:

  1. Solar Water Purification:
    • Investigate the effectiveness of solar energy in purifying water and design a solar water purifier.
  2. Effects of Temperature on Battery Life:
    • Explore how temperature affects the performance of batteries and create a project showcasing your findings.
  3. Hydroponics:
    • Build a small hydroponic system to grow plants without soil and study the impact on plant growth.
  4. Study of Air Purification Plants:
    • Investigate the air-purifying abilities of common houseplants and their impact on indoor air quality.
  5. Biodegradable Plastics:
    • Research and create biodegradable plastics using natural materials and compare their decomposition with traditional plastics.

Mathematics Projects:

  1. Fibonacci Sequence in Nature:
    • Explore the presence of the Fibonacci sequence in natural phenomena such as flower petals, pinecones, or sunflower seed patterns.
  2. Mathematics in Architecture:
    • Study the application of mathematical principles in architectural designs and create a model or presentation.
  3. Probability in Everyday Life:
    • Investigate real-life scenarios where probability plays a significant role, such as games, weather forecasting, or decision-making.
  4. Fractal Geometry:
    • Explore fractal geometry and create visual representations of fractals using mathematical algorithms.
  5. Cryptography:
    • Study basic cryptography techniques, encryption, and decryption methods, and create a project on the importance of cryptography in today’s digital age.

Social Science Projects:

  1. Impact of Social Media on Society:
    • Analyze the influence of social media on society, covering aspects like communication, information dissemination, and social dynamics.
  2. Water Conservation in Rural Areas:
    • Research and propose strategies for water conservation in rural areas, considering the social and economic aspects.
  3. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment:
    • Explore the status of gender equality and women’s empowerment in your region and suggest measures for improvement.
  4. Sustainable Living Practices:
    • Investigate sustainable living practices and their impact on the environment and society.
  5. Impact of Globalization:
    • Examine the effects of globalization on various aspects such as culture, economy, and trade.

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