The “Water Defying Gravity” trick is a classic and intriguing demonstration of inertia and air pressure. Here’s how you can perform this magic trick:

Water Defying Gravity Trick:


  1. Glass of water
  2. Cardboard or an index card
  3. A cloth or towel (optional)


  1. Fill the Glass: Fill a glass with water nearly to the brim.
  2. Place the Card: Place the cardboard or index card over the mouth of the glass, completely covering it.
  3. Hold Securely: Hold the card in place firmly with one hand, ensuring it covers the entire opening of the glass.
  4. Turn Upside Down: With a confident and swift motion, turn the glass upside down. The card should now be at the bottom.
  5. Release Hand: Slowly release your hand from the card, making sure not to disturb the glass.
  6. Amaze Your Audience: The water stays inside the glass, seemingly defying gravity.

Explanation: The trick works due to the principles of inertia and air pressure:

  • Inertia: The water inside the glass wants to stay at rest, following Newton’s first law of motion. When you turn the glass upside down, the water attempts to maintain its state of rest, creating a brief moment where the water remains inside the glass.
  • Air Pressure: As the glass is turned upside down, air pressure outside the glass prevents the water from falling out. The card creates a barrier that holds the air in place, forming a temporary seal. The weight of the water, combined with the lack of air entering the glass, prevents the water from escaping.

Make sure to practice the motion and maintain a confident and swift movement to create the illusion effectively. Adding a bit of showmanship to your performance can enhance the magical effect!

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